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    Cities across the globe are responding to market demands and global pressures to reduce our dependence on oil imports, and reduce greenhouse gases. It is apparent that electric vehicles are here to stay,and EV drivers are relying on more than the charging station in their garage!

    Providing charging stations where people work or shop is sometimes a necessity and presents numerous benefits for the cities, towns or organizations providing these charging stations to the public. We help city planners and government officials choose and implement more fiscally responsible infrastructures.

    Private sectors, campuses and organizations (including residences) across the globe are responding to market demands and global pressures to reduce our dependence on oil imports, and reduce greenhouse gases.

    If people within your immediate community are already taking advantage of the many benefits of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Green Power Technology can help you better serve these drivers, which offers many benefits for the host as well.

    Through our preferred relationships as authorized distributors of Fuji Electric, Signet, Schneider Electric, and ChargePoint® (additionally a channel partner) Green Power Technology helps provide residential charging solutions to the owners of electric vehicles.

    Homeowners appreciate the simple, easy-to-install and user-friendly products we offer for charging vehicles in the home. Many of the charging stations are suitable for wall or pedestal mounting and advanced versions feature intelligent communications.

    Through our preferred relationship as authorized distributors of Fuji Electric, Signet, Schneider Electric, and ChargePoint® (additionally a channel partner), Green Power Technology provides solutions to help corporations meet their employee demand for electric vehicle charging. We recognize that electric cars are here to stay, and through the ChargePoint® Network, and our vast array of EV charging solutions, we help reduce dependence on oil imports, reduce greenhouse gases and reduce fuel costs.

    In addition to saving individuals money and bettering the environment, the new wave of electric vehicles has also delivered some great news for fleet managers. Electric vehicles are more efficient and are less costly to operate! Even by simply adding just a few EVs to a fleet, fleet managers can significantly lower the overall operational cost of doing business.

    Green Power Technology helps fleet managers wanting to integrate EVs into their fleet, by assisting and educating them about any challenges, questions or concerns they may face. We make integrating EVs into your fleet, and providing your drivers with charging solutions, a seamless, reliable process.


    With innovative new features, the CT4000 Series gives station owners a more affordable, customizable, and intuitive way to help drivers get off gas.

    Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management, with solutions for power and control, critical power, energy efficiency, automation and renewable energy.

    Microbox® is Galileo's original and exclusive line of "Plug-and-Play" CNG refueling stations. This enclosed, explosion proof module, saves major construction costs and delays, characteristic of other designs.

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Philly on board with EVSE stations by Coulomb

Philly on board with EVSE stations by Coulomb

With the introduction of electric cars, more and more drivers in the Philadelphia area will need to know where to find free electric car charging stations for their efficient new cars. Electric cars are suddenly a hot topic. In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama called for increased investment in electric car technology. Motor Trend magazine chose the Chevy Volt as its 2011 Car of the Year. Now, dealers in the Philadelphia area are also starting to sell the new Ford Focus and the Nissan Leaf. As these electric cars roll off the lot, drivers will need to know where to find free electric car charging stations in the area.


In 2010, the city of Philadelphia announced that it was using a state grant to start building electric car charging stations around the area.”This project starts solving the chicken and egg problem by creating an electric car public charging infrastructure that will then encourage people to purchase and use electric cars,” Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection Secretary John Hanger said at the time. “The project also shows that Philadelphia can be a leader in the electric car revolution that will create enormous health, environmental and economic benefits.”The area’s first free electric car charging station was unveiled in November 2010 at a Liberty gas station in South Philadelphia. The station, located on Columbus Blvd. near Tasker Street, offers free charging for electric cars for the time being. Eventually, drivers will be able to recharge their cars while charging the electricity costs to their credit card. ”I’m not even sure if it will be profitable,” says station owner Norman Zarwin, who believes it may take five to ten years for enough electric cars to be on the road to make his charging stations a real business. “Which comes first, the cars or the charging stations? There should be a wave of electric cars and trucks in the future.”


Another forward-thinking company is installing electric car charging stations in the housing complex it is building in the northwest suburb of Manyanuk, PA. Denale, Inc. is building luxury townhomes in the Sheldon Crossing complex that feature what the company calls “green living.” This includes the use of energy efficient building materials, as well as on-going procedures that incorporate low waste, recycling and more. Among those “green” amenities are the electric car charging stations available to residents.”This new development is a showcase for the future of eco-friendly living,” says Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies, the makers of the electric car charging stations. “Charging stations for electric vehicles should be at the top of nearly every LEED checklist. We are pleased the developers have taken a progressive approach in looking at green transportation and electric vehicles.”

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